Desouza of Vegas

Welcome to the Desouza of Vegas website. Here you can discover and explore the works of Madeira Desouza, 3D artist in “Sin City” Las Vegas, Nevada. His main website is MEN IN PERIL which depicts compelling fictional male characters using 3D digital rendering tools such as DAZ Studio.

If you especially enjoy stories and images of men in peril, male peril, or danger and risk for masculine men, you will want to visit the Madeira Desouza site MEN IN PERIL.

men in peril

Enjoy the 3D Males Desouza collection of illustrated stories, image box sets, and hot quick pix.

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Secret Desires Become Real

Your once-private thoughts and secret desires can be realized in explicitly illustrated and totally uncensored custom fantasy images to satisfy your needs like never before.

Taboo Man Described

What is a taboo man? This is not at all about an average, everyday, ordinary man. That’s right. You knew that already. What separates a taboo man from an average man is simple: You instantly feel you want to be with him. Your strong desire is to do taboo things with him right away.

As a digital artist and a storyteller using visual arts, my skills and talents developed over the years since 2007. That depth of experience has made me known for creating highly appealing and credible male characters in a photorealistic style. My images are not actual photographs produced using a camera, but I make my characters appear to look as realistic as men do when they are in photographs.

My creative visual work is available to you on demand to fulfill a variety of needs you may have. This service is intended for anyone who wants to buy taboo men and collect them for their own personalized fantasies. Think of this as an explicit personalized fantasy service.

I am now accepting commissions so you can buy a taboo man in exciting taboo tales of fiction based upon your ideas and specifications. The full details are here right now.