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The Boys in My Barn

Here is the complete set of 11 images from “The Boys in My Barn” pdf that I created in 2016. The illustrated story shows the…

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Custom-Built Men

I am available to create custom-built men for you on a commission basis. You get 3D computer-generated images of masculine guys that you find so…

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Masculine and Submissive

Masculine and Submissive:  We easily tend to think that a masculine man automatically is going to be a dominant sex partner. But, this is just another…

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Bareback Hanging of a Cowboy

These original illustrations of mine depict the horseback hanging of a naked cowboy. Bareback refers to no saddle on the horse. But, you knew that…

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Soldiers Executed by Hanging

Here is a complete set of all original images of mine that I initially posted online in November 2017 depicting a fictional execution of four…

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Taking a Bullet to the Balls

Cameron has gotten himself into trouble with guys who are unmerciful. They strip him naked and fuck him rough, forcing him to shoot his load…

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Meeting Gengoroh Tagame in Person in San Francisco

I learned the meaning of what to me was a new concept — non-binary — while I was in San Francisco attending the 2017 Queers…

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