Writers Invited

If you write original stories that feature aggressive man on man BDSM, you are invited to become a contributing writer at this website at no cost to you. Your original stories will be considered for posting here at this website without compensation to you. What’s in it for writers? Free exposure here on this established website. If you are interested, please send email to me, Madeira Desouza, desouza3d@gmail.com.

Only PDFs can be accepted. Writer’s name shall be listed on the first page under the story title. As the writer, your suggestions for the three-letter abbreviations for our keywords / themes are most welcome.

Stories can contain explicit sex and violence if you so choose. Be aware that your writing represents you. If you choose to include hate and prejudice in your stories, readers will think of you as untalented and unworthy of being taken seriously in today’s world.

The editorial and legal responsibility for each story belongs entirely to the writer as does the copyright ownership. All stories presented here at this website are intended strictly as fantasy and not to be misinterpreted as advocating violence against men or any antisocial or unlawful behaviors in the real world we live in.

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