Illustrated Stories

As a writer I try to create stories for the gay adult male audience that are uniquely my own. I grow bored when I read other writers’ stories that are so predictable and follow well-worn formulas. I am known for my character-driven time travel stories.

What I write is very different from stories for gay adult males that you have found elsewhere in print or online. I choose to explore a man’s power over other men.

I create my own illustrations for most of my stories that are available here. This gives you the double benefit of getting a writer’s perspective along with an artist’s perspective.

I have created several short-format illustrated stories created using the sequential art (as in comics) format:


3D artThe Death Game — Alaska vs. Hawaii — A reality television show explores what happens when two men fight to the death aboard a cargo ship at sea. Learn more by visiting this URL:

American Terrorist teaserAmerican Terrorist in Baghdad — A military themed story that will likely piss some people off. But, I really do feel this is story worth telling and in the way I have chosen to tell it.  Read American Terrorist in Baghdad.
3d Art IdeasBest of Beck — Parts 1 and 2 combined. A violent story of a cop
who finds himself on the wrong side of the law.
Read Best of Beck.
Bound to Hurt teaserBound to Hurt — A young hunk fantasizes about what it would feel like to be bound and gagged by an unknown threat while surfing the Internet alone at home.  Read Bound to Hurt featuring male bondage photographs by Paulo Martins.
3d Art SoftwareBoys in My Barn — A rancher uses his employees for his own sexual pleasure.
Read Boys in My Barn.
Cowboy Box teaserCowboy Box — For any gay man who is attracted to cowboys. This story depicts a ranch out in Arizona or Nevada where the resident cowboys have a very unique sexual ritual that they follow every night.  Read Cowboy Box.
3d ArtworkCowboy Cruelty — This story from 2017 depicts a three-on-one scene that ends rather badly for one cowboy. Read Cowboy Cruelty.
justice teaserJustice — Would you worship the 9-inch cock of a muscular cop? Silly question. This story depicts an interrogation by a well hung law enforcement official.  Read Justice.
bondageRough Revenge — if you show disrespect to a gang, you can expect payback.
Read Rough Revenge.
Sweet Dreams teaserSweet Dreams Always Make Me Hard — Unrelenting youthful passion spills over from real life into the dream world of an easily aroused gay man.  Read Sweet Dreams Always Make Me Hard featuring male bondage photographs by Paulo Martins.
Tie Me teaserTie Me Up and Fuck Me! — The title will sort of give you a clue that this is not a love story between two good-looking guys on a public beach somewhere warm and friendly. This deals with an aggressively cocky reality television show host who invites his own rape during a live show.  Read Tie Me Up and Fuck Me!


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    i have read a couple of stories you wrote, and seen many of your illustrations on pax site….. your art is wonderful, much like ron of greastank who died way too soon…. your imagination is wonderful. i am glad to find this site….many thanks for the pleasure you have given me…


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