Lunar Base Clavius

Here is an illustration that shows how the time machine apparatus looks inside lunar base Clavius:

giant blue hockey puck

Time travel agents are seated inside the blue chamber completely naked. The thick, translucent blue glass-enclosed chamber was nicknamed “The Giant Blue Hockey Puck” by time travel agent Ted Avila. The shape of this blue glass chamber resembles a standard ice hockey puck, but instead of the familiar three-inch diameter and one-inch thickness, this chamber is more than twenty-five times larger to enable a man to fit comfortably inside while sitting on a glass bench. The time travel center has 16 working versions of this device to enable around-the-clock missions.

The eerie blue color of the glass comes from the rare element called Lunar Blue that was discovered deep beneath the surface of the moon in the year 2190. All schoolchildren learn that time travel became possible after scientists combined Lunar Blue with liquid diamond and the gasses of two other Earth elements. The rumor persists that time travel was a gift to the people of Earth from extraterrestrials. But, few people give that much credence.

(Information reported by an actual time travel agent.)