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I invite you to become part of a private group of supporters of mine. I am offering you the opportunity to become a member of my inner circle which brings you valuable access to me and to my creative works that the general public never gets to see located in my secret stash. This inner circle is very simple: The most popular and best option is that you agree to provide support to me with a one-time payment of $45 (forty-five US dollars). This brings you LIFETIME benefits and you never pay again. I make it easy for you to pay me online.

Lifetime Access to My Secret Stash

The most popular feature is of my inner circle is that you get LIFETIME ACCESS to my secret stash online not available to the general public. That collection is not appearing here on DESOUZA dot VEGAS or elsewhere on any other website. Within that secret staff you will get to enjoy my uncensored creative illustrations and personal commentaries about my 3D digital art. You never have to pay anything again to me for this lifetime access once you become a member of my inner circle for a one-time payment of $45.


You also will receive a digital file depicting a fictional male character that you can enjoy privately. This is an on-demand service and your customized order will be fulfilled based on your particular specifications. That image will be produced from an existing character that I have previously created. Once you are in my inner circle, you can purchase additional custom-built men files to your specs for only $20 each.

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