Jerry Sandusky, Kill Yourself

sandusky-likes-young-peopleThis commentary originally was posted on December 21, 2011. At that time, I wrote, “The greatest gift that Jerry Sandusky can give this 2011 holiday season would be to end his own life. Accordingly, in the spirit of the holidays, I call out with this simple refrain: Jerry Sandusky, Kill Yourself!”

New information has surfaced in 2012 about Jerry Sandusky that you MUST READ: More than a decade before former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky was charged with more than 50 counts of child sex abuse, a psychologist warned university police that his actions fit that of a “likely pedophile’s pattern.”

Jerry Sandusky gave interviews in which he portrays himself as “father figure” to young boys. He also expressed regret that he (an adult) showered with young boys. Anyone else need any more substantial proof of how mentally ill Jerry Sandusky really is?

Religious Teachings

There is a religious context to my belief that Jerry Sandusky should kill himself: I was born into and raised within the teachings and dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church. As a teenager, I became convinced of the validity of Roman Catholic Church teachings that if you took your own life—no matter what the reason—after your death, you will go straight to Hell for all eternity as suitable punishment for what you did.

While I do not consider myself to be a follower today of the Roman Catholic Church or its teachings, the teaching about suicide stuck with me into my adulthood. Today I find that I cannot continue to believe in the concept of eternal fires of punishment that the Roman Catholic Church taught me about. At the same time, I also find that I also cannot believe in the concept of eternal bliss among streets of gold and lovely angels that the Roman Catholic Church taught me about. Those were all fine things to believe in when I was a teenager. But, I had to grow up eventually. And I did.

Cultural Norms

I do not believe that the choice to take one’s own life rightfully belongs in a religious context at all.

If you are well educated and you have studied world history and international cultural norms, you will learn that taking your own life is viewed very differently in some corners of this world of ours. It was very shocking to me as a young man, who had been taught a person goes straight to Hell if he kills himself, that some cultures practiced ritualistic suicide.

In ancient times, Roman leaders would fall on their own swords to end their lives. Taking one’s own life was considered in the ancient world before the time of Jesus Christ to be an honorable option. Over the centuries, ritualistic suicide has remained (even though most people choose to think that we are “so much more civilized than ancient Rome was.”) It’s probably mundane and lazy to give you a Wikipedia link, but here goes so you can learn quickly about seppuku—the Japanese word for stomach-cutting—if you don’t already know about it

As a young man, I could not understand how could any powerful and centuries-old society would tolerate such a cultural phenomenon as deliberately cutting your own stomach to bleed out and die. But, I felt having learned about such violence gave me a broader worldview than the limited perspective that a Roman Catholic Church education from grade one through twelve had given me.

Most of us already know about the military aspect of a death ritual: Kamikaze is the Japanese word for divine wind, which is very commonly known from World War II to describe the practice of Japanese aviators that deliberately crashed aircraft into the enemy to kill themselves while killing as many of the enemy as possible. Most also have heard of the well-known term suicide bomber, which descends from the exact same concept of inflicting terror, injury, and possibly death upon the enemy in the process of killing yourself.

The Jerry Sandusky Dispensation

I previously wrote a commentary that expressed my opposition to young gay people who commit suicide in response to being bullied. However, I believe that Jerry Sandusky is in a special situation.

Jerry Sandusky is not young. We do not know one way or another if Jerry Sandusky is gay. Who can care whether Jerry Sandusky is gay or straight? His sexual orientation is not the hot issue today. Nor can anybody claim that Jerry Sandusky has been bullied because of his sexual orientation.

While I definitely continue to believe that no young gay person who gets bullied should choose suicide, I nonetheless believe that Jerry Sandusky should kill himself. Such a choice would, in my opinion, be the best possible choice from among many choices available to Jerry Sandusky.

A self-inflicted death by Jerry Sandusky would hasten the much-needed clearing up of a great and deep dishonor that has been brought upon Pennsylvania State University stemming from the accusations about Jerry Sandusky’s behaviors. I use the word accusations. In the US legal sense, Jerry Sandusky is innocent until such time as he might be proven guilty in a court of law.

It seems predictable that the very same legal foundation in our country would all but guarantee intensely lurid television coverage of the trial of Jerry Sandusky. Far higher television ratings that the trials of O.J. Simpson or Conrad Murray are to be anticipated as the entire world tunes in to learn about what actually did happen in those showers at Penn State. In many ways, worldwide coverage of the trial of Jerry Sandusky would only deepen the shame felt at Penn State.

If Jerry Sandusky were dead, it is highly unlikely that there would be worldwide coverage of courtroom testimony about his alleged behaviors. Certainly, it seems inevitable that there will be civil suits of high dollar value against Penn State and some of its present and former employees. However, if Jerry Sandusky is no longer alive, such legal actions are not likely to get worldwide media attention.

A great moral imbalance was created by the behaviors that Jerry Sandusky demonstrated towards those who today accuse him of sexual misconduct. That moral imbalance should not be allowed to continue into the certain circus atmosphere of worldwide media attention to courtroom proceedings about alleged sex crimes. The first step towards restoring a sense of moral balance in this whole matter would be the death of Jerry Sandusky. His accusers would retain their legal right to take civil action in a court of law against Penn State University even if Jerry Sandusky were no longer alive to be charged in court with criminal wrongdoing.


I think it would only be fair if Jerry Sandusky chose some spectacular method of killing himself. As long as his suicide does not bring harm to any other living being, I think the more spectacular the suicide, the better everyone will feel afterwards.

This means that Jerry Sandusky should not choose clean ways of killing himself such as taking too many sleeping pills or other drugs. I would speculate that hanging himself by the neck would be cliche. But, if Jerry Sandusky hanged himself himself by his cock and balls until he died, that might be more symbolically appropriate. Does it even cause death if a man is hanged by his cock and balls?  –Madeira Desouza

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