3D artThis section of my website presents illustrated commentaries I wrote on a wide range of subjects:





  • A Need to Believe in God or Rome or something like that.
  • Battling Biology — Come Out Now; Don’t Wait — My own coming out story is that I waited too long. You should not delay your coming out if you have reached at least the age of 18. Find out more by reading this article.
  • Brutal Destiny of a Ruggedly Vulnerable Hunk — If you like viewing independent films, you will enjoy Shockheaded, an independent film with an unusual guy who is both rugged and vulnerable.
  • Cowboys, Sex, and Violence — An exploration into my own addiction to depicting cowboys and the reasons why I link sex and violence to cowboys.
  • Cross Men — Controversial explorations into the subject of crucifixion.
  • “Hard” — Sexually violent independent film worth renting.
  • Hung — How a teenage boy became curious about hanging men by the neck until dead.
  • Islam Hangings — Inhumanely violent punishment continues today in Iran
  • Jerry Sandusky, Kill Yourself — Free advice from me to a convicted sex criminal.
  • Traditions of Gay Male Underground Artists — Few other places online offer a context to gay adult men while providing such a quick, yet intensive, introduction to images in the artistic tradition of homoerotic danger and arousal.
  • When Gays Commit Suicide — Here are my views that explain why I believe gay people should not take their own lives no matter how much they may be suffering.