Power Over Men

For one man to have power over another man, there must first be an imbalance. Simply put, one man must take advantage of another man. This is not about men sharing equality with one another. This theme of power over men is the heart and soul of my science fiction time travel adventure series, Baja Clavius.

Here is how I illustrate the imbalance to which I am referring. One man is overpowered by the other two. What can he do to save himself?


Here is another illustration of this concept: If a man is held naked so that his arms and legs are restricted from any movement, the perfect imbalance is created. No matter what he attempts, the naked man will be unable to defend himself. He will only able to react to what other men choose to do to him.


The first thing he knows is that he has lost his power. The second thing he knows is that his manhood and his life are in serious jeopardy. Finally, he knows that he is totally fucked.

Another modest example is here:

“Gang Rape Initiation” — The tough guy scoffed when the gang leader assured him he would get into the gang only after he was raped. The entire gang received this picture on their smart phones.

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