Here I present photographs that I shot over the years. I consider these images to be representative of my professional photography. For your added enjoyment, I have captioned each photograph. If you click on any image on this page, you can enjoy a full-size version.

Nowadays, I do not use film cameras at all even though I am proud to admit that I first learned the craft of photography on old-school cameras. Because there are many stunning capabilities provided by today’s digital cameras, I have found that using film is no longer desirable. I am proud to admit, however, that I do miss the sheer simplicity and beauty of shooting strictly with black-and-white film!

I continue to photograph masculine men today for presentation online. If you are such a male who is between the ages of 25 and 45 and you would like to be photographed by me when you are in Las Vegas, Nevada for presenting online, please reach out to me at and be sure to include 2 (two) pictures of yourself that you feel represent you the very best. Thanks. — Madeira Desouza

As a gay man who appreciates sexy feet and boots on a highly masculine man wearing blue jeans, the redneck woodsman was just the most delightful subject for my photos!

This redneck woodsman liked showing off the size of his impressive tool that he used outdoors.

I imagined other liquids that might look great pouring into the redneck woodsman’s open mouth, down his chin, and over his chest!

The redneck woodsman showed off his rear assets while working outdoors cutting stuff up as a macho man will do.

The redneck woodsman was proud to demonstrate the size of his feet. Doesn’t this make you wonder about how big he is below the belt?

I enjoy photographing men in Las Vegas. I especially enjoy looking at men who are reclining while wearing hardly any clothing.

This sunburned blond will look great
while partying at the clubs
later this same day. However, his level
of pain from too much sun
will be an unforgettable lesson!

This macho man looks a bit grumpy at the fact that I am shooting him. This guy’s picture has been posted online for quite awhile now, proving that what happens in Vegas DOES NOT necessarily stay in Vegas.

One of my most unforgettable Las Vegas experiences was watching a mock hanging of a cowboy. The actors gave this a sense of reality. The doomed cowboy looked terrified.

After too much melodrama, the cowboy finally received a noose around his neck. This took place in full view of tourists including many who were children.

Staring at the cowboy’s package on full display was an added plus. The good-looking hangman made the visit satisfying.

As expected, the doomed cowboy was hung
by the neck for the pleasure of
the spectators. We all got to watch his
cowboy boots swing in
the unforgiving Nevada air before we returned
to the slot machines inside the casinos.

See more about hanging men by the neck.

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  1. Loved these mock hangings pictures. Thank-you. But, there use to be more of them. Are they not available anymore?

    1. I do have other photographs of the mock hanging, but I currently am presenting only a select few.

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