I imagine you probably want to look at the pictures or images or illustrations first before you see anything else here at this website. So, here are several choices to tempt you:

You can explore my photography of mondo macho men.
My Favorites collection affords you an up-close and unflinching look into my psyche.
bigcowboyswingsMy illustrations also explore the themes of crucifixions and hangings and men fucking men.


My Favorites

Cock and Balls Hold
I especially like how this 2009 illustration turned out so powerfully to depict one man’s control over another man’s cock and balls. Was the man on the bottom willing to get himself into this position of being dominated?

Cowboy Crucified Falls
This 2009 illustration is my favorite of all the crucifixion illustrations I have done because this one shows the highly unusual perspective of the crucified cowboy as he falls downward from the cross on to the observer.

Cowboy Hitchhiking to Vegas
For many years after first visiting Nevada I have had this same, recurring fantasy: I find a hot naked cowboy hitchicking to Las Vegas in the desert. This 2008 illustration shows how I envision the moment when I fist discover him. What are the many things that I do with this man?

Cowboy Death by Fire
I created this illustration entitled “Cowboy Death by Fire” in 2008 after being impressed with artists work depicting Native American Indian revenge upon the white man who invaded their homeland. What will the victorious Indian do this doomed cowboy before death ends this fateful encounter?

Three on One Cowboys
I create many cowboy illustrations. This is one of my absolute favorites because it shows multiple, simultaneous orgasms and a dominant black-on-white perspective.

Danger Men
In this illustration I explore the impact of using light and shadows to bolster the depiction of the danger that men may face.


Industrial Strength Punishment
I especially like this illustration for its color and sarcastic sense of humor regarding how employees might be mistreated in an industrial setting. Imagine sucking this man’s thick, juicy cock until his shoots his load against his will.

Illustration Demo
This one is a favorite because of how tender the affections are between the two in the illustration. And how often do I depict tenderness between two men in my illustrations?

No Mercy for Him
I especially like this illustration for how it captures the sheer terror of the bound man who realizes that his manhood is about to end. This illustration is similar in theme to well-known works of other erotic artists.

Parking Garage Incident
This illustration has an alternate version in which all the men in the illustration are black. But, this one depicting the white guy in the foreground moments before he is raped by three large black men generated much attention from visitors, so it emerges as one of my very favorites.

Reality Show Rape Fantasy
An extreme image that I created for an illustrated story about a reality show host fantasized about being tied up and fucked on live television.

Sexual summer fun in a wading pool. This is one of many illustrations in which I deliberately depict masculine males in interracial relationships.

Pure Trust
An illustration that highlights the delightful pure trust that male lovers can have for one another. I suspect that this is a fantasy that does not happen in real life.

Shower for Five
“Shower for Five” is one of my favorites because it depicts a carefree and genuine interaction between five men who only care about each other and the pleasures that they can being to one another.

Statuesque Masculinity
This one entitled “Staturesque Masculinity” is a satirical look at the elements that make a man have that mondo macho appeal. Is it that he is a master of both ancient and contemporary weapons?

Ready to Ride
I am especially fond of this illustration of a tearful cowboy that is just waiting to be taken advantage of sexually. Why do you think he is crying while having such an impressive erection?

Gang Initiation Ceremony
A newly-inducted gang member gets initiated. The use of special lighting and mirrors makes this one so compelling.

gang initiation alternate
Here is an alternate version of the gang initiation illustration to give viewers the opportunity to spend time studying this scene.

High Control Needs
This illustration is entitled “High Control Needs” is one of my favorites because it shows the unashamed hold on a man’s genitals by another man who is fully erect and ready for action.

Grab His Balls
This is another in a series of grabbing of mens’ balls illustrations that is a favorite of mine.

Hanging is a Spectator Event
This is another of my controversial illustrations of hangings. The event that takes place in a paramilitary setting is depicted as being of value for spectators.

Victorious Warrior
This depicts the aftermath of a brutal sword fight in which all that remains is the victim’s head and his manhood. I believe that the victor is one of the most impressively masculine characters that I have ever created.


Team Building
What happens during a team-building night for lonely men who are posted in a secret military outpost?

The Few. The Proud. The Seraphim.
This is my favorite illustration of all the depictions of angels that I have done. The mighty seraphim have six wings–not just two like they have incorrectly been depicted for centuries.

Prison Yard Memories
This illustration depicts a strange device in a prison yard. A new convict endures a quiet helplessness that foreshadows multiple sexual experiences for him with nasty, muscular thugs.

power over men
I used the same man-stretching device in another illustration. This one depicts a stage show in front of an audience that explores the theme of men’s power over other men.


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