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Conquest of Afghanistan

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There once was a website called Katharsis. That word comes from ancient Greek. It means purging or cleansing. The original Katharsis was started in 1987…

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Are You Racist?

Here is one of the main characters from Baja Clavius Book 5: A Blood Moon Rising. This character’s name is Thomas Burke. He is the…

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Magic, Meaning, or Messaging

I am often asked about why I do what I do. A fair question is: Why would anyone strive to become a prolific producer of…

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Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

You probably never thought the day would come when Madeira Desouza would show you behind-the-scenes secrets of 3D digital art. Well, here we go… All…

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Gay Men Deserve Life Coaching, Too

We all have seen news reports of guys who admit to having been bullied for being gay and who then take their own life. This…

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Cowboy Rape

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Erotic Renders for Gay Men

From Renderotica.

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Photos of Men in Their Prime

59 Photos of Men in Their Prime by LeatherMusk  

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Art of Electro-Torture

 From Sparkieshock.

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Exploring Masculine Good Looks

 From Pinterest.

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Baja Clavius Evades Comparison

Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside Written and Illustrated by Madeira Desouza …more than out of this world – it evades comparison Baja Clavius: Moon…

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Underground Art Influenced Me

Continuously since 2008 I have been creating characters using digital art software who depict men in peril within the bara underground art genre. I was…

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Revealing Tagame

The Japanese gay erotic artist Gengoroh Tagame is a hero of mine. I believe he is unique in all the world for his provocative visions…

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Do You Have Gay Macho Fantasies?

Desouza of Vegas explores this subject on Tumblr.         

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A Deviant Artist

His works appear on the Deviant Art website.         

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The Extinction of Gay Identity

The Extinction of Gay Identity Being gay is becoming something harder to define that in previous years. The word gay tells you about a person’s…

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Six Guys at the Pool

Use “Reply” to share your ideas of what you imagine is going on with these guys at the pool.

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Digital Male Art Feature

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Digital Male Art: Las Vegas Magazine Featured Article

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Cowboy Raped

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Sucked on a Sofa

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He is Vulnerable

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Balls Cut

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The Boys in My Barn

Here is the complete set of 11 images from “The Boys in My Barn” pdf that I created in 2016. The illustrated story shows the…

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Custom-Built Men

I am available to create custom-built men for you on a commission basis. You get 3D computer-generated images of masculine guys that you find so…

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Valentine’s Day 2018

Here are original creations of mine to help you observe Valentine’s Day 2018: Valentine Cowboy Up Helping Hand for Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Cream  …

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Penis Envy Ranch

Illustrated story entitled “Penis Envy Ranch” by Madeira Desouza. This is Episode 1 of the illustrated queer sci-fi time travel adventure called Baja Clavius: A…

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Masculine and Submissive

Masculine and Submissive:  We easily tend to think that a masculine man automatically is going to be a dominant sex partner. But, this is just another…

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Work in Progress — January 24, 2018

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