Stories by Nullo

The many man on man BDSM stories written by prolific writer Nullo posted elsewhere at the Desouza of Vegas website are collected here all on one page for your reading convenience. Newest stories are always placed at the top of the list.

Keywords / Themes:

BBQ:  cooking by barbecue or grill
BHD:  behead / decapitate
CAP:  captive held against his will
CBT:  cock and balls torture
CBY:  cowboy or wild west
CUT:  cock and/or balls castrated
EAT:  eating flesh or internal organs
FNT:  fantasy
HNG:  hung by the neck
MDK:  murder – death – kill
MIL:  military or warfare
SFI:  science fiction
STR:  strangulation
TRT:  torture

“Extreme S&M” by Nullo. Should be read in the order presented:

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