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If you write original stories that feature aggressive man on man BDSM, you are invited to become a content partner here at this website at no cost to you.
Your original stories will be considered for posting here at this website without compensation to you. What’s in it for writers? Free exposure here on this established website.Theme images are by Madeira Desouza.If you are interested, please use the Contact page to submit your request. Only PDFs are accepted. As the writer, your suggestions for the appropriate keywords / themes are always welcome.

Stories can contain explicit sex and violence if you so choose.

The editorial and legal responsibility for each story belongs entirely to the original author as does the copyright ownership.

Here you will find a generous collection of Man on Man BDSM stories by various writers. There is no cost to view/download these text stories in pdf form. New stories are added frequently to this page. The latest story gets placed at the top of the list.Be mindful that all stories presented here are intended strictly as fantasy and not to be misinterpreted as advocating violence against men or any antisocial or unlawful behaviors in the real world we live in.

Keywords / Themes:

CAPTURE, TORTURE: take away his freedom and hurt him
CUTTING BALLS, COCKS: take away his manhood
DECAPITATE: take his head off
EATING: take his flesh and body parts as food
HUNG: take his life with a rope around his neck
MILITARY: he preserves, protects, and defends you as a proud warrior
STRANGLE: take his life using your hands around his neck


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