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Fuck the Cello Player

Cello player playerHere you see the artist in a cameo role involved in a hot sexual encounter with a cello player. The character of the cello player was created out of an attraction for a young musician—one of founding members of a folk-bluegrass band from Saskatchewan. The theme of this series of digital art images is expressed with sarcasm as what a man needs from another man.



You can signal your desire of him when you firmly grab his balls.
He will get very aroused and in return grab your balls to signal his desire for you.
He will think first of himself and shoot all he’s got into you.
But, in the end, surprise him and teach him exactly what you need from him.

Other images of the cello player character:

Cello player character wearing a shirt and tie
Cello player character nude crouching
Cello player character seated nude in studio

Artist Cameos

Sometimes I place myself as a character into my illustrations. Both Hitchcock and Dali showed how this can be acceptable. Perhaps I’m trying to recreate what my mind sees as flashes of memories from some past or future lives.

Artist meets a masculine male character that he created

Artist restrains a big guy and fucks him

Artist is lynched by cowboys

Cowboy castrates Artist at hanging

Artist gets fucked and enjoys it

Artist examines the masculine male character that he created

Artist surrenders in bed