The stories and illustrations that I produce are within a USA version of the bara underground art genre. This illustration of mine typifies the bara underground art genre as envisioned by a native of the United States of America:

bara cover

The word bara comes from Japan. It has come to signify art and fictional stories with gay male same-sex feelings and sexuality identity that are realistic (rather than romanticized) depictions of gay male life that include violent and exploitative behaviors.

According to Wikipedia, the bara underground art genre deals with masculine men with varying degrees of muscle. Such mondo macho men are commonly called bears by the contemporary gay community nowadays.

I did not ask for inclusion in this underground art genre, nor did I intend to become associated with it. When I started my creative works as a visual artist in 2007, I was not even aware that there was anything called the bara underground art genre.

I first heard about the bara underground art genre through Facebook posts from gay male comics creator Dale Lazarov. He is a storyteller who commissions artists to create images for his stories.

Arrow1RightRed I am very different from Lazarov since I am both a storyteller and an artist. I combine both storytelling and art together as one person and one effort. This particular approach I use provides you the double benefit of seeing a storyteller’s perspective along and seeing an artist’s perspective.

Lazarov has chosen to claim the title of father of American bara but I don’t have any desire for any titles because I find titles to be arbitrary and not terribly useful in real life. The creative work that I do just fits into a USA version of the bara underground art genre. Take an enjoyable GUIDED TOUR of USA BARA to see much more.


Comments From Men Like You

I am amazed by your use of foreshortening. Really beautiful! Very Dali-esque, Dali is one of my favorite painters.

Hello Sir, Thank you for giving such a wonderful gift [free eBooks during the 2012 holiday season]. Not only are you a talented artist, but a generous man. Your work is raw and honest, and yet there is a sensitivity to it. Certain images in particular are filled with a touching tenderness. Thank you again from a fan.

I just spent about 2 hours going through your site. What fantastic illustrations you create! They are remarkable, masculine, erotic, orgasmic, totally fantastic! I am in awe! You have a unique perspective to the theme of a masculine man. A Salvador Dali quality of unique perspective and a Dom “Etienne” Orejudos masculinity, yet it is totally your own.

Thank you so much for setting up this website. Your artwork shows great imagination. At the Gold’s Gym where I work out, there are many young men who unbelievably look like they stepped from your artwork. It makes going to the gym, at least that gym, a constant pleasure and wonderment. Thank you SO MUCH.

Thanks so much for your fantastic illustrations. I have been a fan of your works for some time. Your art captures the beauty and brawn of the male form. WOOF. Mega hairy muscle hugs wishing you continued success and inspiration.

I’m new to the computer, so I only found you recently. How do I explain to you that I feel like I have found my home. I don’t feel so alone, or alone and blindfolded. When I found your art, it was like the best birthday gift ever.


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