Take from Him


The artist who created the tantalizing Kaipo of Hawaii wants to see what he’s got.

#aug-080618-k-0Time to savor all this masculine man offers.

#aug-080618-kAAt some point, it had to happen. Taste Kaipo’s massive cock.

#aug-080618-k-1Kaipo is 235 pounds of intensive beef with low body fat. He throws himself entirely into fucking.

#aug-080618-k-2Kaipo especially excels at aggressive penetration.

#aug-080618-k-3Take from him all he’s got.

#aug-080618-k-4And when Kaipo shoots his load deep inside, he surrenders everything to that moment.

#aug-080618-k-5Kaipo passes out from his powerful orgasm. Hold on to him. This one is worth keeping.

artist cameoWhile Kaipo is unconscious, flip him over. Juice his face and open mouth before he wakes up.
Original 3D digital art and story by Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas.

Author: Desouza

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