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Baja Clavius Evades Comparison

Baja Clavius

Written and Illustrated by Madeira Desouza

…more than out of this world – it evades comparison

Baja Clavius is a queer science fiction—science fiction by gay men for gay men—about a time travel agency codenamed Moon Men Deep Inside (MMDI) located beneath the crater Clavius on the moon.

This is similar in storytelling style and tone to the works of Russell T Davies (Cucumber and Banana, Doctor Who and Torchwood on the BBC), and, to the works of author Christopher Trevor.


Uncensored, Sexually Explicit Images


The very large image collection from Baja Clavius includes descriptions and many bonus images. All the images are posted online and are available free.

Not Like Any Storytelling You Have Experienced


In this series of five short books you will experience radically different storytelling from standard cause-and-effect fiction. One recent comment about my stories says it clearly: “Your kind of stories are truly not found elsewhere.”

Set a few hundred years from today, Baja Clavius transports you to a world not like our own. Gay male time travel agents are valued for the work they do. These time travel agents are doing noble work that they believe will save our species. However, in the real world in which we presently live, the time travel agents’ behaviors are considered immoral and illegal. Is the future of the human species worth using immoral and illegal behaviors?

Baja Clavius is not like any storytelling you have experienced. You will be unable to set these stories down once you start reading them!

The Baja Clavius series of five short books is available exclusively from Amazon.


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Registered copyright certificate (TX 8-423-630) effective date May 31, 2017 in the United States Copyright Office, Washington, DC. International Standard Number: ISBN 978-152125266.

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Underground Art Influenced Me

Continuously since 2007 I have been creating characters using digital art software who depict an ideal masculine male in the United States and in other places who have similar cultures.

I was influenced by how others over time attempted to show what they considered to be an ideal man. Here you can get an excellent historical perspective on how art has depicted the ideal male body.

Gay Underground Art


As a gay male artist and storyteller, I have been influenced by these eight gay male underground artists:
Tom of Finland — Arguably the most famous gay adult male erotic artist of the 20th century and someone whose works are instantly recognizable.


Etienne — American Dom Orejudos was a pioneering gay male artist who drew unforgettably masculine men in perilous situations.


Hasegawa — Renowned gay male artist from Japan with troubling visions of what can happen to masculine men.


Tagame — Famous and beloved Japanese artist whose controversial works are both extremely violent and sexually explicit.


Ulf — An American master of intensely sexual digital images of masculine men.


Greasetank — Highly controversial American digital illustrator from Texas whose works will jolt your sensibilities.



Bondageskin — German digital artist with an enduring interest in creating digital images of men hanged by the neck until dead.


The Hun — American artist from Oregon with an unforgettably unique perspective on masculine men and their behaviors.