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Unwilling Fucking

Of course, if we abide abide with laws and the various unwritten rules of fair play in civilized societies, we can agree that forcing someone to have sex against their will goes against the prevailing moral codes. This website is about stepping into a free zone where you can fantasize, however, where there should not be moral issues.

I start by putting myself into images as a character so I can interact with an uncertain man. The payoff is when he shoots his load inside of me after I forced him to a commitment he did not reach on his own.

Unwilling 1

Unwilling 2

A second example is this from the Wild West era. We know from history that Native American Indians took revenge against the many men who threatened their lands and way of life. This cowboy suffers a rough fucking by an Indian before he loses certain cowboy body parts that will be kept as cherished souvenirs.

Cowboy fucked by Indian

Favorite Images from Previous Years

Yes, I do have favorite images that I created as an artist. Here are some from previous years that I find more personally enjoyable than others:

Cowboys shoot together — Why I consider this one of my favorites is that it depicts the power and innocence of cowboys shooting simultaneously. This comes from my earliest years producing 3D digital illustrations.

Hard cowboy — This cowboy’s classic hard-on is something I could stare at all day long.

Abstract reclining device — The idea captivates my imagination that there could be a restraining device used to force men to ejaculate against their will under the control of other men.

Date night at the Nevada Test Site — Not sure if this qualifies within the category of men’s death images fetish, but I like the wry humor that I captured in this illustration.

Ready to ride all night long — I ended up being especially pleased with how I captured this cowboy’s vulnerability so vividly.

Prone cowboy — The position this cowboy is in makes this one of my very favorite images.

Gallows device ends this cowboy's life — I stopped using this gallows device years ago, but when I look back at this early illustration of a doomed cowboy, this one remains a big favorite of mine.

Vincent Wauneka, sex worker, from Baja Clavius — He is one of the earliest characters I created for my science fiction novel “Baja Clavius.” Vincent Wauneka’s aggressively revealing pose in this image remains one of my all-time favorites to this day.

Suck an angel — Having been raised within the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, I naturally grew to think often about angels. I finally created what it looks like when an angel visits Earth to get sucked.

Caught together in the steam room — I especially favor this image because it shows the vulnerability of the two men at the moment someone sees them together in the steam room.

The big guy — Here is one of my earliest attempts to depict “the big guy” that I find so sexually attractive in the real world.

Restraining rack — I am especially fond of this illustration showing a restraining rack designed to make a doomed man’s final time alive as miserable as possible.

Basement device — While I am on the subject of devices for restraining men, I will cite this one as a personal favorite, too.

Rape device — And, here is one final device illustration that I claim as another personal favorite.

Young Naked Cowboy Hanged Bareback

A series of my digital art images showing what happens when you hang a naked young cowboy bareback on a horse. Gravity takes over and what he endures humiliates and terrifies him before he dies quite painfully.

Young cowboy is terrified, knowing he going to die

He kicks for no reason as he swings in the air and suffocates as the rope squeezes tightly around his neck

Dead cowboy, silent now