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Artist Cameos

Sometimes I place myself as a character into my illustrations. Both Hitchcock and Dali showed how this can be acceptable. Perhaps I’m trying to recreate what my mind sees as flashes of memories from some past or future lives.

Artist meets a masculine male character that he created

Artist restrains a big guy and fucks him

Artist is lynched by cowboys

Cowboy castrates Artist at hanging

Artist gets fucked and enjoys it

Artist examines the masculine male character that he created

Artist surrenders in bed

Oh Face

Yes, we gay men are completely fascinated by what another man’s face looks like while he is having an orgasm.

Forcing him to shoot

Drink me, dude

Killing the captive while fucking him

He cannot stop them

Finishing him off before hanging him

Cumming inside

Emptying his load

Hot juices shot into a moist mouth

Men Fucking Men

When I create images of men fucking, I choose to do more than merely show body parts. To keep things engaging for the viewer, I always seek to reveal or suggest a compelling part of the story and not just the fucking, itself.

Young cowboy raped

Aggressive top

Ride him

Lovers or fighters?

On a new sofa

Farm boys going at it

A device for male rape