For the very first time, I am opening up what once was my private vault of 3D digital art that I have maintained since I started doing such works.

This vault contains only uncensored, original images on a variety of subjects and themes that I have created spanning 2007 through 2017.

Never before has my digital art been collected in one place in such a convenient way for visitors to enjoy.

This is all absolutely free. No purchase necessary.

Just click on links below to explore inside the vault.

Inside you will see works of my digital art that I curated myself. I use “in-my-own words” commentaries to expand upon your enjoyment.

You can choose to browse the images quickly. Or, invest extended time on any of the pages of images here to savor and enhance your experience.

I keep this collection fresh by frequently updating the vault with additional images, so come back here often to see what’s new.



  • group of males

    — when several males are together, there can be risks

  • his face

    — what some men are best known for

  • men in peril

    — vulnerable guys unable to defend themselves against peril

  • oral skills

    — using his mouth and lips for good purposes

  • role model

    — he represents the best masculine qualities

  • touching men

    — tender, emotionally moving male behaviors