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Custom Built Men — 3D Males

3D malesI am available to create custom-built men for you—3D computer-generated images of masculine guys that you find so attractive.

What you receive is a digital file depicting a fictional male character that you can enjoy privately. This is an on-demand service and your customized order will be fulfilled based on your particular specifications.

Image Price

The image you will receive is priced at only $45 (forty-five US dollars). That image will be produced from an existing character that I have previously created. This is the lowest price that I have available. This one-time payment of $45 also makes you a member of the inner circle of supporters who get private, unrestricted access to my secret stash online not available to the general public. There you will get to enjoy my uncensored creative illustrations and personal commentaries about my 3D digital art. Learn more about my inner circle.

More complicated or involved production work that requires additional time for me to complete on your behalf is priced higher. I will explain the price range to you if you contact me to let me know what you’re looking for.

A Man and His Story

The image will show your custom-built man in a story. You tell me what his story is. You also tell me how he looks and what he is doing in the image.

One image is supposedly worth a thousand words. But, I only require that you send me a few short lines of text describing what you want shown the image. Here is an example of a simple text description that I can work with easily: A young, naked cowboy is ready to ride.

Here is an example of an actual request for me to produce custom-built men images: Images of 2 Black identical twins as lovers in a forbidden love with a body shape like the Mendez twins. See how the custom images turned out.

Character Traits

You tell me about your custom-built man’s character traits. What are his racial characteristics? Is he young? Is he muscular? Is he well-endowed? You get the idea here.

Adapted from Existing Characters

The $45 price is for a custom-built male image adapted from an existing character that I previously created.

Here you can browse through 35 examples of my existing characters so you can see my huge range of character creation. With a very few exceptions, you also may select an existing character that you saw in one of my online images.


Character Based on a Photograph

I also produce custom-built male images that are adapted from a digital photograph—a close-up of a man’s face. This work puts a particular face you will like into your custom image. The price for this expanded production work is $100 each.

Maybe you want an adult video performer to be transformed into your own custom fantasy:

Or, perhaps you prefer that big pirate from a movie to have his costume taken away:

You may want to fantasize over your own private totally nude rendition of a hot Hollywood actor:

In order for this to work, the source color photograph that you provide to me before I get started working must be a close-up of the face of a man from the neck up, without any shadows or other visual elements touching his face. Look at the example.

As also shown in the example, the production process working from the source color photograph results in a strong resemblance for a character, but not a 100% match of his face. Note that the man’s hair as shown in the source color photograph is not preserved in the production process.

Want much more? I also can write and produce a sequential art story for you. See this sample page:

This kind of production work usually comes in at around 7 to 10 pages (delivered as a pdf) with each page having an illustration and storytelling text. These customized illustration plus text products typically run from $200 to $350 depending on the total number of finished pages and how complicated or how much time the work would be for me to complete for you.

Contact me to let me know what you would like for your sequential art story. I will respond with full details about how this process works and how much this customized production will cost.

Contact me today to ask me any questions or to learn more about my custom-built men. I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

Individual copyright owners retain full rights to all their photographs shown on this page as examples.

Motives and Themes: Bara Men

USA Version of Bara

I am one of a small number of gay men outside of Asia who create works within a USA version of the bara genre, which originated in Japan during the 1950s.

You will discover that I am a gay male who sees things in this life from a different perspective than some other gay males. My storytelling approach in text and in 3D digital art is to focus on highly masculine men who are sexually attracted to other men who also are highly masculine.

I also choose to depict the linkage between violence and sex—a controversial choice on my part. Personally, I do not enjoy the boy-meets-boy-and-falls-in love kind of storytelling that is very prominent and popular within the gay male community today. I prefer to focus instead upon gay males who are mature in life and who are wise in the ways of the world.

This creative choice I have made means that I pay attention to gay males who are around age 30 and older in contrast to a typical focus by other artists upon younger flamboyant and effeminate gay men—probably the most identifiable and stereotypical gay men across a wide variety of cultures here in the present day.


No Feminized Men Here

Throughout this website you will find very specific opinions that I state directly about outward behaviors and speech of some gay men. I am referring to how I call attention to gay men in the specific context of masculine men behaviors versus feminized men behaviors.

Butch versus Fem

03-21-14-standing-fem-BIn the English language we have the words butch and fem that are commonly used to describe these very visible and recognizable attributes in gay men. I am not attempting to be politically incorrect when I call attention to these attributes and my choice as an author and illustrator to steer clear of feminized men behaviors and speech. I am simply stating what is commonly observable in the 21st century.


The concept of sissyphobia—a dominant norm in worldwide culture today that disparages effeminate men—is easily found wherever gay men are found. If you want to learn more, read one author’s 2001 book about why some gay men are more effeminate while others are more masculine, and, why society tends to find effeminate gay men objectionable.

Observations made about masculine males versus feminized males date back to Ancient Greece, where same-sex relationships were a basic element of that civilization and culture.

True Self

cowboy_maskedThere is ongoing debate about whether gay men are being compelled to adopt masculine male behaviors and speech versus feminized male behaviors and speech.

As an author and illustrator I choose to focus my attention and creative efforts on masculine male behaviors and speech without any attempt to address what is a gay man’s true self as outwardly demonstrated in real life by his choices in how he speaks or how he behaves.

I have read some commentaries online from gay men who defend behaving in feminine ways. The claim usually is made that gay men who behave in feminine ways are attempting to make a statement and to feel empowered by their choice to behave in feminine ways. I have to admit how seeing it from that perspective (making a statement, and, feeling empowered) gives the choice to behave in feminine ways a powerful political context.

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Grab Him Where it Matters

Original masculine male characters and 3D digital art by Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas. Produced using DAZ Studio Pro Edition (64-bit) using Genesis 8 Male resources with NVDIA Iray rendering.

Private Reflecting Pool

“Private Reflecting Pool” — Original masculine male character and 3D digital art by Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas. Produced using DAZ Studio Pro Edition (64-bit) with NVDIA Iray rendering using Genesis 8 Male resources. Reflecting pool set by David Brinner, ForbiddenWhispers.