Las Vegas State of Mind

I am a gay man and a year-round resident of Las Vegas, Nevada.

As a storyteller and underground artist, I believe that my creative works spring from a Las Vegas state of mind. It tells us gay men that we all need to explore our sexual fantasies and freely let our minds go where such fantasies may take us.

Even if you cannot be in Las Vegas personally, give your brain permission to grab onto the Las Vegas state of mind.

Las Vegas is a destination for visitors from around the world. This desert city with many resorts invites you to have lot of fun while you are here in person. The Las Vegas state of mind invites you to set your brain free to have lots of fun without regret. The Desouza of Vegas stories and underground art encourage you to be free in your own mind and allow yourself to experience sexual fantasies no matter where you may be.

Gay Male Fantasies
in a Las Vegas State of Mind

A muscular and naked cop reclining in the desert sand will NOT stop you from achieving and maintaining a Las Vegas state of mind. He is all yours and you can do anything that you want with him.

Surrender? Or seize control? What if those two are your only options?

How deep or far are you willing to go?