Katharsis Site

cover_teaserDuring the 1990s there was a website called Katharsis.net that was named after the ancient Greek word meaning purging, cleansing, and purification. That site remained online until the early 2000s when the owner chose to turn over all content to Madeira Desouza.

A reimagined second coming of the site named Katharsis.xxx was launched by Madeira Desouza in January 2015 to appeal to those who enjoy extreme, uncensored stories and images about the ways men dominate men within a gay male context.

The total number of visitors from 2015 to 2016 was disappointingly low. Katharsis.xxx could not be justified as a business due to such a low audience participation, so after one full year of operation the site was shut down.


Replacement for Katharsis.xxx

  • Uncensored and explicit original bara art images originally posted on Katharsis.xxx and many others are available within the free-access vault at this website.
  • Male domination stories that appeared on Katharsis.xxx are within the free-access stories section of this website.