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Help with Your Gay Adult Brand







If you need help with your gay adult brand, your presence online or reaching your audience through hand-held devices in the 21st century, you are in luck. I have experience since 1996 creating and launching gay adult brands, websites, and social media outreach and marketing channels. I do not “just talk” about it; I actually get things done online.

I know exactly where you can host your website right now outside the United States to avoid censorship issues. I have professional experience that taught me which digital platforms work for gay adult material versus which do not. I will make customized recommendations for the best platforms for your situation and then you will need to choose which you want to select and pay for.

For instance, you can avoid censorship in the production of an eBook if you use the pdf format to produce the eBook yourself. That way there is nobody telling you what you can and cannot say in your text or your images.

I help you and advise you so you will focus your efforts to enable you to make money with your gay adult brand. I do not guarantee that you will make any money. Nobody can guarantee that for you. But, I will show you how to do things correctly and with a business focus. So many other out there in the world will just bullshit you. They just want to take your money. They don’t really care about your adult-oriented business or brand.

I am different. I tell the truth. I actually help people to succeed in business by empowering them to succeed.

Talk to me. Ask for my advice in a free consultation. No obligation.

All work that I may do for you is on a strictly barter or trade basis. I will not accept any cash or checks or credit cards or electronic payments.