Here you can learn about our brand and how we use it in the marketplace. These are images of our business card.

We offer sponsorship opportunities for you to cross-promote your gay male related website, services, or products on any of our the websites that we own and operate.


Presently seeking investors and partners for content production and distribution online and to hand-held devices. Must show storytelling skills/talents for us to consider you for a partnership.



The Desouza of Vegas audience is gay adult men and straight adult women who are attracted to masculine men.


This brand presents the works of Las Vegas artist/storyteller Madeira Desouza. He is also called Desouza of Vegas—as with Teddy of Paris, Martin of Holland, Peter Berlin and other artist brands associated with a city. Another very well-known example of this type of brand name is Tom of Finland.


This website where you are now is called Desouza of Vegas. But, this brand has had a well-established presence online from the late 1990s to 2017 across a large number of websites:


Baja Clavius, queer science fiction written and illustrated by Madeira Desouza

Gay Macho Fantasies Zone — Madeira Desouza on Tumblr

Macho Digital Art on Tumblr

Macho Face on Tumblr

Madeira Desouza (main brand site)

Madeira Desouza in QVegas Magazine

Madeira Desouza on

Madeira Desouza on DeviantArt

Madeira Desouza on Facebook

Madeira Desouza on Google+

Madeira Desouza on LinkedIn

Madeira Desouza on Patreon

Madeira Desouza on Pinterest

Madeira Desouza on Twitter

Madeira Desouza on YouTube

Moon Men Deep Inside