Stories by Nullo

The prolific writer known as Nullo deserves his own web page. Here in one place are all his stories of male domination that are posted at the Desouza of Vegas website.


BBQ – cooking by barbecue or grill
CAP – captive held against his will
CBT – cock and balls torture
CBY – cowboy or wild west
CUT – cock and/or balls castrated
EAT – eating flesh or internal organs
HNG – hung by the neck
MIL – military or warfare
PWC – penetration without consent
STR — strangulation

“Extreme S&M” by Nullo. Should be read in the order presented:

Neck in Noose 2

classic way to kill a man (continuation of images from the previous page)

This is a page from an eBook of mine with my own original photography. Here I describe in my own words how it was that I first developed an interest in hangings:

Here are all of my original illustrations that I previously presented online in an eBook I wrote and produced entitled Rope:


Sequential Art (as in Comics)

The fatal end to the interrogation of a suspected terrorist in Baghdad. In this illustration I am not attempting to make political statements, but rather to emphasize homoerotic elements.

If you have seen comics then you are familiar with sequential art that uses images presented in a sequence for storytelling. Since 2007 I have been using this style found in comics as one of the most powerful ways to tell violent, uncensored stories of men in peril. Free downloads!


American terrorist is captured in Iraq. His life is cut short. (2008)

One rookie cop. Seven horny gang members. (2017)
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Find out what happens next. The story continues in part 2:

Ranch owner discovers his workers having sex in his barn. He punishes them with brutality. (2016)

Is he dreaming? Or is this the Angel of Death coming after him? (2016)

Explicit look inside combat culture where men do terrible things to one another in warfare. (2011)

A young cowboy learns the secrets of obedience when he joins the bunkhouse crew. (2007)

He is captured. He is forced to dance at the end of a rope. (2017)

 What happens when a young, naked male intruder is apprehended by two horny men. (2017)

A violent gang sells revenge killings as a service. (2016)

Young and helpless men endure a mysterious ritual based on sex, violence, and eating. (2017)

Reality TV host challenges men onto his show to try to fuck him in front of a live audience. (2008)

Meeting Gengoroh Tagame in Person in San Francisco

I learned the meaning of what to me was a new concept — non-binary — while I was in San Francisco attending the 2017 Queers & Comics conference. I became a conference sponsor and traveled to attend because I support and encourage queer art and artists.

Turns out that I was totally unaware of rapidly-expanding and self-referential vocabularies available nowadays to describe all things queer or gay. But, that may be understandable because my focus is on visual storytelling.

Happily I lost my naïveté in San Francisco because I become a sponsor and attended the Queers & Comics conference at California College of the Arts. My main motivation to go was so that I could meet the celebrated artist Gengoroh Tagame from Japan.***

Here I captured the unforgettable moment when Tagame clarified for a large San Francisco audience that he never intended his very explicit Human Carrot visual story to be for all ages:

Gengoroh Tagame in San Francisco at California College of the Arts

Tagame stands as the strongest influence upon me as an artist and my visual works more than Tom of Finland, Dom “Etienne” Orejudos, and Greasetank, who are no longer with us. At the moment I got to speak to Tagame, eye-to-eye, I was overcome with joyful emotion. In the decade that I’ve been creating visual works for gay men, I never could have even dared to imagine meeting Tagame in person like I did. See examples of my sequential art (as in comics).

His art was on display in San Francisco at California College of the Arts during the Queers & Comics conference:

Here you can learn more about me and my art:

***When I first saw him in San Francisco, I could not believe that I was sharing the same space and time with him. He means that much to me. Tagame is one of the heroes of underground art that I have—a short list of men, most of whom are no longer living. I never imagined that I would get the opportunity to meet and talk with Tagame and I will never forget this rare moment in my life.

Male Characters Creation

I create male characters that appear to have attained life even though they are not from our physical world. I make them appear so realistic that you will want to be there in the scene. This I accomplish using 3D digital art techniques and software.

New male character

Four male characters

Secrets of how I create characters. Explore these representative samples of my work in the development and creation of male characters from a wide variety of ethnic and racial groups:


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Artist Cameos

artist in illustrations as himself

Sometimes I place myself as a character into my illustrations. Hitchcock and Dali did this. Perhaps I’m trying to recreate what my mind sees as flashes of memories from past or future lives.

This big guy that I created enjoys when I suck him off while finger-fucking him and squeezing and tugging on his balls. But, his favorite thrill is when I fuck and milk him while he is suspended and restrained.


How this process works: I start by creating a digital character of Madeira Desouza. Then, I place him into a scene that I created. Then, since he is a character in a scene, he can experience various outcomes as he interacts with other characters.

Oh Face

his orgasm face


Yes, we gay men are completely fascinated by what another man’s face looks like while he is having an orgasm.



Touching Men

tender, emotionally moving male behaviors

I also like to depict male behaviors that show tenderness, playfulness, and other aspects of the so-called “softer side” of masculinity.