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Valentine’s Day 2018

Here are original creations of mine to help you observe Valentine’s Day 2018:

Valentine Cowboy Up
Valentine Cowboy Up

Helping Hand for Valentine's Day
Helping Hand for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day Cream

What a Man Needs

Here’s a quick look at what a man needs from another man.

You can signal your desire of him when you firmly grab his balls.

He will get very aroused and in return grab your balls to signal his desire for you.

He will think first of himself and shoot all he’s got into you.

But, in the end, surprise him and teach him exactly what you need from him.

There is a story-behind-the-story of “What a Man Needs from Another Man” and additional illustrations that I make available to those who are supporters of mine as members of my inner circle. Such support of my digital art has helped me continue to create exciting visual works since 2007. Thanks! –Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas.