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Bara: Homoerotic style art originally from Japan. Bara is created by gay men for gay men. Now available online in a fresh United States version from the artist Desouza of Vegas. Bara style art tends toward more exaggerated overtly masculine physiques and stereotypical macho behaviors: Highly attractive masculine men easily engaging in risky pursuits and adventures. See a nude version of our website header art.

Young quarterback fears revenge


Photograph of Madeira Desouza 2016
Yes, Madeira Desouza is a Real Person
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Cowboy on stage

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Science fiction time travel adventures.
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Balls kicked

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Standing strong

Las Vegas, Nevada is known as the entertainment capital of the world. In Las Vegas you can seek experiences unlike you find anywhere else in the world. Desouza of Vegas taps into the vibe of this wonderful playground in the Mojave Desert by presenting visual experiences unlike you find anywhere else.