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Strong Ethnic & Racial Diversity –
No Cultural Stereotypes

His masculine male characters emphasize strong ethnic and racial diversity minus stereotyping. All characters created by Madeira Desouza serve as the exact opposite of prevailing United States cultural stereotypes of gay men whom we’ve all seen depicted as flamboyant and effeminate in appearance, behavior, and/or speaking.

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“Cowboy Cruelty” — These are words that go together well. See this now.

Young and helpless men endure a mysterious ritual involving sex, violence, and eating in “Savage Eyes” illustrated story by Madeira Desouza. PDF posted within Sequential Art (as in Comics).

 One man from Alaska. One man from Hawaii. Sex and violence on a reality TV show called Alaska versus Hawaii that is not for travel fans. Go there now.

As a gay man, Madeira Desouza was influenced by the underground art work of eight particular men cited on this page. He openly shares his secrets behind how he produces homoerotic visual works for the gay adult male audience to encourage others also to create such 3D art.


Since 2007 Madeira Desouza has created sequential art (as in comics).

Explore his extensive body of work inside the once-secret, private vault—now with free access!

TagameRecent blog post: Meeting Japan’s Gay BDSM Artist Gengoroh Tagame in Person.




Viewer discretion is advised before looking at any pages within this website or following any links because of explicit homoerotic fiction, male full frontal nudity, gay man-on-man sex, gay domination, and, gay bondage.

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Baja ClaviusEnjoy Madeira Desouza’s generously illustrated queer science fiction time travel adventure, Baja Clavius.

Like the eight men cited below, Madeira Desouza has created an imaginary world of fantasy that is make-believe only. Certainly it is not meant to be misinterpreted as advocating violence against men or any antisocial or unlawful behaviors in the real world we live in.

Eight Underground Art Influences
TOF_teaser_desouzawebTom of Finland — Arguably the most famous gay adult male erotic artist of the 20th century and someone whose works are instantly recognizable

etienne_teaser_desouzaweb Etienne — American Dom Orejudos was a significantly influential and pioneering gay male artist who drew unforgettably masculine men in perilous situations

hasegawa_teaser_desouzawebHasegawa — Renowned gay male artist from Japan with troubling visions of what can happen to masculine men

tagame2_teaser_desouzawebTagame — Famous and beloved Japanese artist whose controversial works are both extremely violent and sexually explicit

ulf2_teaser_desouzawebUlf — An American master of intensely sexual digital images of masculine men

gtank2_teaser_desouzawebGreasetank — Highly controversial American digital illustrator from Texas whose works will jolt your sensibilities

bondageskin_resized_teaser Bondageskin — German digital artist with an enduring interest in creating digital images of men hanged by the neck until dead

the_hun_teaserThe Hun — American artist from Oregon with an unforgettably unique perspective on masculine men and their behaviors

Madeira Desouza and the bara underground art genre

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