Desouza of Vegas

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Gay Art: 3D Digital Illustrations

This website from Las Vegas gives you an inside look into the mind, life, and creative works of storyteller and illustrator Madeira Desouza.



** View and download Madeira Desouza’s latest gay art 3D digital illustrations posted in his blog. ** Find out about the motives and themes behind Madeira Desouza’s gay art 3D digital illustrations and see how he depicts masculine males. ** See what goes into the process of creating men for gay art 3D digital illustrations. ** If you like gay art or illustrations, you will want to check out links to other websites with very similar content and themes that have been personally selected for you by Madeira Desouza.


Las Vegas, Nevada is known as the entertainment capital of the world. In Las Vegas you can seek experiences unlike you find anywhere else in the world. Desouza of Vegas taps into the vibe of this wonderful playground in the Mojave Desert by presenting visual experiences unlike you find anywhere else.