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WARNING! This website probes gay macho fantasies by exploring the works of Madeira Desouza, Las Vegas gay male artist and storyteller. Viewer discretion is advised. Here you will find explicit frontal male nudity, adult language, themes, and images — all intended solely for legal age adults only.


Discover Las Vegas gay male artist and storyteller Madeira Desouza


Masculine Male Characters in 3D Digital Art:  WHAT'S HOT RIGHT NOW...
Valentine’s Day 2018 — New original masculine male images I created to help you observe Valentine’s Day.

Submissive Masculine — We think that a masculine man is going to be a dominant sex partner.

Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy? — Big cowboy likes rough sex.

What a Man Needs from Another Man — Quick reality check you need to do.

Interracial Lust — Together the passions erupt.

Cowboy Hanged Bareback — Frontier justice on display.

Alaska versus Hawaii — a fatal adventure — A man from Alaska and one from Hawaii must fight each other until one of them is dead.

Soldiers Hanged — Four soldiers who lived and fought together die together simultaneously in a barn hanging.


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This site presents gay macho fantasies. You’ve come to the right place if that’s what you like. See my new posts and updated pages.
I am a gay man and I do not hide my preferences behind political correctness. I choose to steer clear of several deeply embedded traits of American gay culture that can be found in film and in print—eccentric or flamboyant behaviors, alkyl nitrites, dance music, trendy clothing, trendy hair, gay men who think age 30 is old, and so forth.


Four Play


Strong Ethnic & Racial Diversity — No Cultural Stereotypes

My masculine male characters as shown throughout this website emphasize strong ethnic and racial diversity minus stereotyping. See my new posts and updated pages. All characters created by me serve as the exact opposite of prevailing United States cultural stereotypes of gay men whom we’ve all seen depicted as flamboyant and effeminate in appearance, behavior, and/or speaking. If you are gay or not, I support your cultural right to appear as you want to the world. But, I want you to know that my focus is on masculine gay men who are emotionally and sexually attracted to masculine gay men.

Since 2007 Madeira Desouza has created sequential art (as in comics).



Military Men Need Military Men


The Hang Games

Every element in my illustrations—from male nudity, to lighting and shadows, and composition—must work together to offer you storytelling of high emotional impact. Telling stories in my illustrations that have some emotional impact upon you is the whole point of creating male characters as I do. See my new posts and updated pages.
What I do is create concept pop art—visual pop culture artifacts that convey ideas. It is entirely make-believe. It is not real. I do not want anybody to mistake my photo-realistic works as representing real, living people. This is entirely made-up stuff. It is fiction.
I am not advocating that anyone should view young men in our physical world merely as sex objects. I am not a proponent of powerful men in our physical world taking advantage of and hurting vulnerable young men. All that I create is pure storytelling for enjoyment within your mind.


–Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas




My creative works explore conflicting and opposing compulsions that all men have. See my new posts and updated pages.

On one side there are impulses men have towards sustaining life, engaging in love, and being attracted to others.

In the opposing direction are impulses men have towards being aggressive, engaging in violence, and, causing pain and death.

For centuries, artists and storytellers around the world have found inspiration in these two opposing human compulsions that no man is able to resist or impede merely by his conscious will alone.

I am not entirely aware of any specific intent on my part to explore this duality of man’s compulsions. Nor do I plan my creative efforts so that I purposefully can reveal psychoanalytic findings. I just continue to work and create. What turns out turns out.


Macho Masculine Men

balls_kickedMy works all are easily identifiable by the way I show motives and by the themes that I choose to depict in stories and illustrations. This all falls within the USA version of the bara genre. That’s a Japanese word that signifies a particular content type and style that depicts macho masculine men for a gay male audience. See my new posts and updated pages.

This little word is shortened from barazuko, a Japanese word for “rose-tribe”—a code phrase that designated gay men in a time where openness about sexual identity was uncommon.

Bara works are produced by gay men like me for gay men like you. The genre depicts gay male, same-sex feelings and sexual identity of masculine, muscular men who sometimes behave in aggressive, violent, or exploitative ways towards one another.

Bara is not about romantic gay love or hearts and flowers or men who choose to speak and behave like women.

Bara is wild, adventurous, and unflinching in how it mirrors real life behaviors of male aggression, power trips, violent tendencies, and exploitation.