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Discover Las Vegas artist and storyteller Madeira Desouza
 as seen in the November 2016 issue of QVegas Magazine


Viewer discretion is advised before looking at any pages within this website or following any links because of explicit homoerotic fiction, male full frontal nudity, gay man-on-man sex, gay domination, and, gay bondage.



Strong Ethnic & Racial Diversity — No Cultural Stereotypes

His masculine male characters as shown throughout this website emphasize strong ethnic and racial diversity minus stereotyping. All characters created by Madeira Desouza serve as the exact opposite of prevailing United States cultural stereotypes of gay men whom we’ve all seen depicted as flamboyant and effeminate in appearance, behavior, and/or speaking.


Every element in my illustrations—from male nudity, to lighting and shadows, and composition—must work together to offer you storytelling of high emotional impact. Telling stories in my illustrations that have some emotional impact upon you is the whole point of creating male characters as I do.
What I do is create concept pop art—visual pop culture artifacts that convey ideas. It is entirely make-believe. It is not real. I do not want anybody to mistake my photo-realistic works as representing real, living people. This is entirely made-up stuff. It is fiction.
I am not advocating that anyone should view young men in our physical world merely as sex objects. I am not a proponent of powerful men in our physical world taking advantage of and hurting vulnerable young men. All that I create is pure storytelling for enjoyment within your mind.


–Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas


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Since 2007 Madeira Desouza has created sequential art (as in comics).