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Desouza of Vegas

This website considers the gay male mind and body by exploring the works and commentaries of Madeira Desouza, Las Vegas gay male artist and storyteller. Viewer discretion is advised. Here you will find explicit and uncensored frontal male nudity, adult language, themes, and images—all intended solely for adults of legal age.


Gay men will enjoy experiencing the 3D Digital Art of Madeira Desouza at this website. But, wait, there’s much more…

Explicit man-on-man images in a once-secret vault.

Provocative and uncensored sequential art (as in comics).

Original man-on-man BDSM stories.


Explore the gay male mind and body…

Underground Art Influenced Me

Continuously since 2007 I have been creating characters using digital art software who depict an ideal masculine male in the United States and in other places who have similar cultures. I was influenced by how others over time attempted to show what they considered to...

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Revealing Tagame

The Japanese gay erotic artist Gengoroh Tagame is a hero of mine. I believe he is unique in all the world for his provocative visions about the sexual needs of men. Revealing details: The Erotic Antagonism of Gengoroh...

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The Extinction of Gay Identity

The Extinction of Gay Identity Being gay is becoming something harder to define that in previous years. The word gay tells you about a person’s lusts and loves, but it used to tell you more — about his or her boldness, irreverence, independence. It connoted a...

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