Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas creates illustrations and fiction
of masculine, macho men in the bara style:


Some Email Responses:

Great site, thanks! I’ve done a lot of work in Poser and know how hard it is and your stuff is damned good! — C.J.

Love your work, man! — G.W.N.

Wonderful. More please. — J.A.

Very nice would like to see more of your art. — B.F.

I really liked your illustrations. They were awesome. — N.H.

Good-looking men look even better wearing cowboy hats. — A.D.

Great work! — P.C.

Terrific illustrations! I especially love the nuance in the faces. — B.T.

Erotic! I want to see more. — B.L.

Thanks for these pictures. They gave me an instant hard on. — A.M.

Your work is amazing! — J.S.

Madeira, I like the way you think, and your bondage art is super hot. — B.T.